Hold My Hand

Today I meet a bunch of elementary school boys on my way to the nearest Bank this afternoon. They were running away from a barking dog. One of them was left behind due his afraid. This left behind boy, move backward to another direction, then hiding behind a car, watched the dog from the distance.

Most of his friends were teasing him, “coward”, and make sound of a barking dog. But one of his friends, none like other, came forward to the hiding boy, passing the barking dog, and said “Come, don’t be afraid. It’s only a dog. I’ll be on your side. Hold my hand, and I’ll walk with you passing it through”.

I smile; my heart was full of untold feeling at that moment. Love I guess. Those situations remind me to my friends. A good friend indeed, never left you although in distance. They were holding your hand in whatever situation that you faced and accompany you walking down the life. Lotta love and pray for u all my friends that always shares happiness and kindness.

I’m so glad that I have you all in my life 🙂

Diterbitkan oleh Devi R. Ayu

A proud Mom of #babyD, Penulis, Penerjemah, Konsultan Komunikasi, dan Fasilitator Program Women Will dari Google Gapura Digital untuk kota Malang. Owner dari Cindaga Comms, konsultan komunikasi digital di kota Lawang, Malang.

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