Review: The CHANGE Book

Sedang menyempatkan diri membaca sebuah buku yang berjudul “The Change book”, Judul aslinya adalah “Die Welt Erklaert in Drei Strichen”, caraku memahami berbagai perubahan di sekelilingku. Ada suatu bahasan yang aku sukai:

What do we really want from life?

Let’s presume that most of us want happiness, money, and to make an impact. If we don’t enjoy what we do, we become unhappy. If we don’t earn any money with what we do, we can’t live. If what we do doesn’t make an impact, it becomes pointless. How do we achieve all three? 

By add the dimension of time to the three goals, it creates four sub-goals:

* Short-term gain – the income that you earn  from doing a job

* Long-term gain – the knowledge and experience that you gain from a job

* Short-term happiness – the fun that you have doing a job

* Long term happiness – the deeper meaning bestowed by a job.

Whenever we want to make a decision, i think we need to consider this.


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