Behind you…

There are lots of thing happened, there are lots of thought crossing in my mind. I don’t know, maybe the quote to be wise in choosing what to be thinking is suitable for me. Yet i do thinking lots of things. Including what I’ve thinking through the paragraph below.

Hmmm… thinking about humans, i learn new things each day. Learning to understand each time. Learning to act and react in a good way. But somehow there is always wreckage in all what we do. That’s why we should improve our self time to time, because nothings is perfect, yeah except the mighty creator, humans do mistake;)

Okay, lately in my life i learn that people do talk about other people in the contrary,  even about their own friends, so accept that. You know, like talking people of having this kind of condition in a certain community and talking it in the contrary facts depend on the community situation that you’re into. So when people asked or telling me a story, sometime i just said “well i don’t know, you tell me” 😀 I’m so not in the mood to having knew what people think according to other people. Better to talk face to face to have important info as a comparison. Meanwhile i read the pattern as a whole.

To handle this kind of situation, somehow i love the words of  Jhonny Depp to Kate Moss, “Jangan mengeluh dan jangan menjelaskan apa-apa”. Cute, ada hal-hal yang memang harus dimiliki oleh diri kita sendiri, no matter what people think about you. Tapi beda ya situasinya untuk orang-orang terdekat kita, keluarga misalnya, sebisa mungkin jangan terlalu banyak nyimpen rahasia lah. Repot nutupinnya, bikin hidup ga tenang kan :p

Secondly, sometimes you need to feel your pain in order to move on. Somehow if you feel those condition, at the low level that you’ve never imagine, you will get bored of it and suddenly will fight for your self or at least seeking for help in order to get released from your burden. If you want to feel all of your feelings, means sometimes you need to spare quality time with your self.


-To be continued-


Diterbitkan oleh Devi R. Ayu

A proud Mom of #babyD, Penulis, Penerjemah, Konsultan Komunikasi, dan Fasilitator Program Women Will dari Google Gapura Digital untuk kota Malang. Owner dari Cindaga Comms, konsultan komunikasi digital di kota Lawang, Malang.

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