Not So Simple Answer – Love Letter from My Friend…

Dear Devi, 

It is intriguing, that is the very beginning I remember you, as the person who asking a simple question, but not so simple to answer. Its typical of you. Its you.
Aku jadi kayak di smash badminton, kurang2 siap mengembalikan servenya.
Nevertheless, it is your distinguishable feature. Berbanggalah. You may ask…
Why you so curious about me? That’s your question.
Simple answer: coz  I love you.
Not so simple answer:
Then to love you, is at best to know you first. It is a lie, to love you but not knowing you.
A spiraling motion, to love you, have to know you, because loving you, brought to know you more, ends up to love you more and more. It is rather the degree of loving someone commensurate to how well you know about that very person.
How well I know you? That’s more like a beginning the journey of curiosity trip.
Everything goes. Knowing what you like and dislike, of culinary taste, favorable color or model, outdoor activity, and intellectual  activities. Favorite subjects, books. Knowing your concern, knowing vision, knowing your ambition, for a longer range friendship.
All those treated as changeable, because, every person changed perception in due time, environment condition changed, challenges transforms. Mental attitude progresses.
All these boil down to, I envision a relationship built on a true friendship. Starts right from the very beginning.
Now from emotional side, love is a sentimental journey. That again, everything goes. Laughs, cries, anguish, fears, pride, greatful. All stages of life experienced and endured together. From the beginning till the end.
He he he  kecap ato kotbah ya? do you love me back?

Love ya,


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