Tell Me You’re Destination

At first I only want to speak about the job that I undertake. As the conversation going deeper and deeper, we can not just avoid it. At the end it turns out to be a conversation about our life. What we were heading to in this Journey.

Public awareness: if you want the public to aware, so let the occasion held in the public area and owned by the public it self. Change the point of view, change your method, and change the packaging into something that can be understood by all.

Packaging: We don’t need to understand everything. In order to make people related with something we want, split the big issues into smaller part and get more focus on it. To launch the issue it self takes momentum. Trust your intuition to pick the right time, after all, the entire trend always roll over at least every 10 years, isn’t it? Be sure to prepare all well before we release our idea.

Turn over the table, please! I assure you, that we can see more from the position that we had right now. You are what you are, so keep your self. But if we talk about the practice, we should see the topic and opinion into different angle, into someone else account. An angle that could accept by everyone’s point of view, an angle that can shape your self and everyone else. Something that can shock everyone and make them re-thinking about their life regarding to the issue that we brought.

Mind set
I just heard this for the first time. “When the situation goes off, you can take off your mind set, re-write it, and put it on again in your head”. Just take another mind set and having fun with your life. Don’t get trap in the situation that gets harder.

Point Of view:
Be careful with subjectivity. Knowing the situation might cause the objectivity into subjectivity. Don’t change your self, just change the way you sees everything. To see from the other side, it took lots of effort, so why don’t we just turn over the table so that we can see from different matter. That way everything will go easier. Nevertheless we will never know anyone feels if we never try their position, right?

Setting of Irony
Where are you now? Are you beyond are you behind your dream? When I see my self on that afternoon, I realize that I was far beyond. What should I regret from it? I often think that I will do that or do this if the setting and situation is like this and like that. But the truth is we can do all of those things that we wanna do despite all of the reason that I came through, right? So in what situation you will make your dream come true? Why don’t we do it right now?

“There is no stability, the certainty is the uncertainty it self”. There is time when we should fly and take higher step in our life. Does every step on you had gets you closer to your dream? Sometime we should exclude all the matter that didn’t get us closer to our destination. The destination where I will do everything that I have dreaming all this time. In this part I don’t need people consideration because it’s about my selfishness; it’s about my ego to have my self the best.

Jakarta, March 10, 2010

Devi R. Ayu

Doa nyatanya hadir dalam setiap harapan yang dipasrahkan, kebahagiaan yang disyukuri, kesedihan tak terkatakan, gugatan terhadap hidup, bahkan hal-hal yang luput kita uraikan. Ia adalah ritual yang hadir diam-diam seperti rotasi bumi; menjaga kita dalam penyamaran seperti mimikri hewan dan tumbuhan. Doa merdeka menentukan bentuknya, karena Tuhan bisa menjelma menjadi apa saja – SALAMATAHARI –

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