What can I learned? After all life is learning process…

Malang, February, 10 -12th 2010

Ga tahu kenapa, orang kalo jatuh cinta serasa seperti sakit jiwa. Ga tahu kenapa akal sehat rasanya mati rasa. Gejala apakah itu?

Tapi jatuh cinta pun membuat kita belajar, bahwa cinta sejati hanyalah untuk Tuhan sang Maha Pencipta.

Well, tulisan ini hanyalah beberapa hal yang aku pelajari dari mencintai dan dicintai, hopefully ada yg bermanfaat bagi yang lain. And the most important from love is makes me want to love my self and God…better and much better, hopefully.

Dear beloved, I’ve learned that:

1.People are capable to lie. Even though you said “how could you?”, but yes they could…

There are so many reasons to justify what they have done.

2.We can not change people. The only one that can change them is their self.

3.The place of happiness is inside our heart, NOT in anyone mouth nor in their existence. Therefore it should never be taken away from us

4.I’ve learned how to be faithful, and I’ve learned how to be cheated. It was always our choice how to live our life. At the end everything are goes back to you.

5.If we love someone, then we should let them go…If they comeback, they belong with us. If it doesn’t, then it never been ours to begin with. (This is the situation when accepting and ikhlas are implemented)

6.During our life, during our love life, we all do mistake…We should learn how to forgive them, and the most important from all; we should learn how to forgive our selves so that we can continue our life.

7.Yes, physical interaction makes us bound to each other; therefore we should try to avoid it unless we can accept the possibility of losing them (the people we love). It’s true my friends, nothing last forever in this world.

8.Like I’ve written before, there is nothing last forever in this world except God.

9.Learn how to love as well as not to stick our selves into that. Somehow there are situation where we should turn off the unnecessary feeling in order not to burden our understanding of life.

10.What it looks better sometimes it doesn’t look as good as we thought.

11.Sometimes we just don’t know how we could fall in love with someone we love.

12.Whatever times it takes, is it short or is it long; it doesn’t guarantee that they were meant to be with us forever. There are so many thing happens in our life process. What the most certain is the uncertainty it self.

13.Whenever and whatever our feelings are, believe me, God is the provider. All we can do believes Him. He will provide us what we need.

14.Age differences are not very important at all. Age doesn’t guarantee how adult we are. Commitment is the basic ground for us to take responsible to be an adult.

15.Sometimes “NO” is the best answer of all.

16.We all keep saying, respect the diversity, understanding the differences! But how well we already understand about those differences? Does the difference catch us in the mood? Are we dare to be different or just everybody else are different?

17.“Gnothi Seauton”, said by Delphic Oracle in the Socrates times. Means that “Know you’re self”. Being love and fall in love is the most extra ordinary feeling that has given to us. And through love hopefully we can understand our selves. Coz we can’t understand else unless we understand our selves.

Diterbitkan oleh Devi R. Ayu

A proud Mom of #babyD, Penulis, Penerjemah, Konsultan Komunikasi, dan Fasilitator Program Women Will dari Google Gapura Digital untuk kota Malang. Owner dari Cindaga Comms, konsultan komunikasi digital di kota Lawang, Malang.

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